Thursday, 14 April 2016

5 Reasons why you should start Online Courses

Internet has changed the way we see things. Our perceptions and expectations have changed during the last few years. In this age, where everything is at your finger tips, learning should also be within everybody's reach at every instance.

So, today we bring to you a topic from our new vertical.

Five reasons why you should start Online Courses or provide online course material to your regular students:

1) Technology: Today, it is not very difficult to maintain and conduct online courses or provide online access to your classroom material for your regular students. Moreover, you don't have to reinvent the wheel as there are platforms which even provide free access to the required tools.
Most of the examinations today are online and you should keep up with the technology to be redundant in this age.

2) Students: Students are looking for various learning options to top up or to develop what they learned in classroom, they spend their time in search for relevant material online. If you could make this material, along with your classroom material, available to them, then you could help them in their time of need and could gain their trust and confidence. If not, they will find someone or some other institute which provides such information.

3) Competition: With future in mind, many institutes and teachers are now launching online courses or providing online access to their content. These institutes also want their students to experience the technology they are adopting.
Also, in the present data driven age, these institutes are using the metrics like performance analytics to develop their students in the weak topics to deliver excellence.

4) Ease of Use: Managing online courses has become quite easy. Managing classroom online, decreases the regular burden from the schools and teachers. With very good user interface, platforms like LearnwithGuru also provide easy access to students. Also, these platforms provide metrics to each student to help him develop in the weak areas, which is impossible with traditional classroom..

5) Savings: You can save almost 75% of your administrative costs with online classroom management. Just the time saved for the institute or teachers in organizing tests or clarifying doubts or providing reviews is sufficient to show for the savings. Also, platforms like LearnwithGuru offer free account to manage courses, conduct tests, conduct doubt sessions and provide performance metrics.

So, even if you don't run online classes, you should atleast provide online access of your course material to your regular students.

Please post more reasons to run online courses or classroom in the comments section below.

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