Monday, 14 March 2016

How do I start a batch on LearnwithGuru?

This is the very first step to get your online infrastructure required to start your own online classroom.
After logging in to the platform at, you will be directed to the dashboard. To the right side of the screen you will see a home symbol, if you move your cursor to this symbol, you will see it expanding to show Administration. Click on Administration -> Batch Launcher.

You can use “Batch Launcher” for following purpose:

1.1       Create and launch a new batch

Specify following configuration parameters and click submit to launch a batch. Please make sure all parameters are correct and as per your requirement before submitting it.
  •  Batch Name: Specify name of your batch. (Example: Electrical Engineering - I)
  •  Batch Start Date: Specify the date on which this batch will start (Eg: 5/9/2016)
  •  Batch End Date: Specify the last date of this batch. This batch will end on this date. It is advisable to keep this date till the main exam date to keep providing uninterrupted support to your students till their main exam date.
  • Capacity: The expected strength of this batch. For example if you have created a batch with batch capacity 100, You can generate and enroll upto 100 students under this batch.
  • Total Lectures: Specify expected number of lectures or classes that you are going to deliver under this batch. A more accurate estimation will result in a your better management.
  • Concept Test Controller: This feature allows you to make concept test mandatory or optional     for your students. Choose “Optional” or “Mandatory” based on your requirement. In case of     you make it mandatory, your student will have to complete the concept test of one lecture (class) to access another lecture. And in case of “Optional” they can skip the concept test.   

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