Monday, 9 May 2016

Classroom assessment system needs an upgrade

Over the years, classroom assessment is something that teachers use to understand the grasp of their students.
Traditionally, teachers ask a few questions in the class (to selective students) and try  to predict the assimilation of the concepts taught for the whole batch. This is done because, it is virtually impossible for a teacher to test each and every student on all the concepts and to understand their individual grasping. Teaching each student individually is a job in itself. Many Institutes and teachers offer personal care and individual teaching, with all due respect to them, this is not exactly possible. Institutes try their best to provide this attention, and they are successful to a limited extent. These institutes spend a lot of resources and use additional tutors and teachers. All these make personal attention expensive for both students and teachers.

In today's world there is a vast need for developing low cost personalized teaching for masses. With traditional setting, this is not possible. But lucky us, we are in the age of Big data, analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence. Companies like Google and Facebook are trying to predict future, Amazon and Flipkart are trying to predict our buying behavior, Amex, Visa and Mastercard are trying to make sense of our purchase patterns. There is a vast list of companies who are using and starting to use these technologies. There is another much bigger list of companies, who lack this vision and development, that might go to oblivion or fall behind.

Till today, education is a sector where technology is last used. Youtube was providing online videos in 2005 for entertainment and we don't provide educational video support to our students even today. Many are still skeptical about conducting online courses and tests. Educational Sector is deemed as a very slow adopter of technology. We try to look at technology as a hindrance rather than a staircase. Not anymore, We, at LearnwithGuru, are striving to revolutionize education. The way it is taught, the way it is perceived and the way it is delivered.

Many are under the assumption that when we teach online or use Video on Demand or when we conduct tests online, conduct courses online we cannot cater individually to the students. But, what they fail to understand is the power of technology we have at our disposal. The above misinterpretation comes from our thinking that individual attention is just clarifying individual doubts. To some extent it is, but it is not all of it. Using the online teaching channels like Video on Demand and Online Tests, we can cater much better to students than we do, when we teach directly. Individual attention is catering to individual needs of understanding. But with the limited resources available we cannot do this, unless we spend huge amounts of money (Actually, this task is impossible manually). This is where analytics and data come into picture. We can track each and everything a student does, we can track their progress while they watch a video, we can track their understanding of a particular concept with the questions in the concept test and the time spent on answering these questions, we can track their global understanding during their periodic tests or mock tests, we can track their discussions, with the help of analytics and we can provide material based on the individual progress. In short, we can really provide individual attention to each and every student and with marginal resources and at a very low cost. This is what we call a revolution!

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Thursday, 14 April 2016

5 Reasons why you should start Online Courses

Internet has changed the way we see things. Our perceptions and expectations have changed during the last few years. In this age, where everything is at your finger tips, learning should also be within everybody's reach at every instance.

So, today we bring to you a topic from our new vertical.

Five reasons why you should start Online Courses or provide online course material to your regular students:

1) Technology: Today, it is not very difficult to maintain and conduct online courses or provide online access to your classroom material for your regular students. Moreover, you don't have to reinvent the wheel as there are platforms which even provide free access to the required tools.
Most of the examinations today are online and you should keep up with the technology to be redundant in this age.

2) Students: Students are looking for various learning options to top up or to develop what they learned in classroom, they spend their time in search for relevant material online. If you could make this material, along with your classroom material, available to them, then you could help them in their time of need and could gain their trust and confidence. If not, they will find someone or some other institute which provides such information.

3) Competition: With future in mind, many institutes and teachers are now launching online courses or providing online access to their content. These institutes also want their students to experience the technology they are adopting.
Also, in the present data driven age, these institutes are using the metrics like performance analytics to develop their students in the weak topics to deliver excellence.

4) Ease of Use: Managing online courses has become quite easy. Managing classroom online, decreases the regular burden from the schools and teachers. With very good user interface, platforms like LearnwithGuru also provide easy access to students. Also, these platforms provide metrics to each student to help him develop in the weak areas, which is impossible with traditional classroom..

5) Savings: You can save almost 75% of your administrative costs with online classroom management. Just the time saved for the institute or teachers in organizing tests or clarifying doubts or providing reviews is sufficient to show for the savings. Also, platforms like LearnwithGuru offer free account to manage courses, conduct tests, conduct doubt sessions and provide performance metrics.

So, even if you don't run online classes, you should atleast provide online access of your course material to your regular students.

Please post more reasons to run online courses or classroom in the comments section below.

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Monday, 14 March 2016

How do I start a batch on LearnwithGuru?

This is the very first step to get your online infrastructure required to start your own online classroom.
After logging in to the platform at, you will be directed to the dashboard. To the right side of the screen you will see a home symbol, if you move your cursor to this symbol, you will see it expanding to show Administration. Click on Administration -> Batch Launcher.

You can use “Batch Launcher” for following purpose:

1.1       Create and launch a new batch

Specify following configuration parameters and click submit to launch a batch. Please make sure all parameters are correct and as per your requirement before submitting it.
  •  Batch Name: Specify name of your batch. (Example: Electrical Engineering - I)
  •  Batch Start Date: Specify the date on which this batch will start (Eg: 5/9/2016)
  •  Batch End Date: Specify the last date of this batch. This batch will end on this date. It is advisable to keep this date till the main exam date to keep providing uninterrupted support to your students till their main exam date.
  • Capacity: The expected strength of this batch. For example if you have created a batch with batch capacity 100, You can generate and enroll upto 100 students under this batch.
  • Total Lectures: Specify expected number of lectures or classes that you are going to deliver under this batch. A more accurate estimation will result in a your better management.
  • Concept Test Controller: This feature allows you to make concept test mandatory or optional     for your students. Choose “Optional” or “Mandatory” based on your requirement. In case of     you make it mandatory, your student will have to complete the concept test of one lecture (class) to access another lecture. And in case of “Optional” they can skip the concept test.