Tuesday, 15 September 2015

5 reasons Why you should ALWAYS use 3rd party online platform for online courses rather than developing your own

Yes, I know what pops into your mind when you are planning to use third party resources.

Will it dilute my brand?

What about content security?

Why should I pay lifetime rather than developing my own and pay once?

Won't developing my own be cost effective?

Won't developing my own have everything I need and as I need?

and many more

These are all myths.

Below are the 5 top reasons why you should always use a 3rd party provider to host your classes.

1) Cost: It will be most cost effective to use third party for hosting your online courses. As they cater to many teachers or institutes, the fixed costs will be shared and now a days they don't charge the development costs to the teacher or institute. If you try to develop your own platform then you will not only have to bear the development costs, but also you need to keep on updating your system, keep on paying the development team or maintenance team. You will also have to pay the cost for servers every month. You will require a full set up and space, which needs to be accounted for rent, space etc.You will have to hire people and pay salaries etc. When you think about developing our own platform you miss many of these costs and regret later. That is the reason why many now a days prefer third party platforms to host their online courses.

2) Development: You need to understand that development is not a one time work. If you have developed something, you need to maintain it and keep adding new technologies and features to not become redundant in this fast moving world. So, if you think of just developing something and fixing it there then think again! You need to maintain it, you need to keep adding additional features, otherwise your competitors will over take you.
If you are using third party platforms like www.learnwithguru.com, we keep developing the platform and will always try to be ahead of the curve. You need not pay for the development and maintenance, because without development we know that they are going to become redundant. Also, what ever we develop will be available to you with no time lag. So, you will always be ahead of the curve and stand out in the market.

3) Security: Your content is the king! You need to keep it secure, which means you need to spend money on th security. Using the third party service platform, will help you address these worries. It is in their own interest to keep your content secure. They have highest quality industry standard security systems in place. As this is common for all the people using their platform you need not worry about the cost burden of security services. You can be confident.

4) Time: One of the important aspects of developing your own platform is time. It take time to develop, you will find many software companies promising to develop in one month or two months, but trust me it will take a year. This is not only from my own experience but from the experiences of others who tried developing their own platform and burnt the hands doing so. There will be many bugs that you will encounter. You will have to devote a lot of time, which otherwise you would be using for teaching or learning. You will have to go through sleepless nights. More importantly, your competitor might have already enrolled with a third party platform and will be providing online support right away. Your competitor will also have the advantage of this third party platform adding new features to keep up with the technology. We all know that time is a privilege. By using the third party platforms you can spend your time in teaching and learning.

5) Comfort: Developing your own platform will require your attention and you will encounter many hurdles. You will loose your sleep over it, your mainstream teaching will be effected, you money will be spent over the budget. You will require a team and you need to manage and maintain additional resources.
Using third party platform will give you the comfort of someone else doing all this and you will know before hand what will be the expense you are going to encounter. Most importantly if you feel that something is not working then you can stop it when ever you want to, your money wouldn't have been wasted. Also, platforms like www.learnwithguru.com provides pay per student policy, which will keep you at peace knowing that you will only pay for the number for the number of students you have. Your investment won't go wasted.

Additional advantages include marketing for your courses, visibility among students, reaching out globally, ease of management of the online courses, not worrying about bugs and support etc.

Owing to all the above and many more, using platforms like www.learnwithguru.com to provide online courses and tests will be to your advantage.

If anyone tries to convince otherwise then just do a cost analysis after accounting for all the factors like time, maintenance, team, space, storage, server, hosting, sleep, visibility etc. then you will arrive at your own conclusion.